Workforce Questions and Answers

Q. Who qualifies for services?

All persons who are eligible to work in the United States qualify for services. Our goal is to reach individuals who are receiving public assistance, other low-income individuals and those individuals determined by assessment to require assistance to attain employment that will lead to self-sufficiency. 

Q. What do I need to do to receive services?

Come to the Workforce Center located near you in Central or Southeast Arkansas. Services are provided as soon as you walk in the door. You will be asked to complete two forms online through Arkansas JobLink. Arkansas JobLink (AJL) will be online for everyone's use and will be similar to It will allow you to apply for services, review jobs, and post your resume from the Internet.
You will also need a valid photo ID and your social security number.

Q. What kind of services can I receive at Arkansas Workforce Centers?

Services at the Arkansas Workforce Centers are broken into three broad areas:

  1. Core Services: Basic information on services, resume assistance, job referrals, resource room (including phone, fax, and copy machine use) orientation and partner agency referrals. Core services also include all services provided in follow-up after a customer has obtained employment.
  2. Intensive Services: Individual Employment Planning, Career Counseling, Assessment and Interest Inventory Testing, Prevocational Skill Training, and Case Management.
  3. Training Services: Funding for schooling or training after a determination of need in Intensive Services, On-the-Job training (OJT), and Subsidized Employment. 
Customers are provided services as determined by assessments and recommendations of their counselors.

Q.What will this cost me?

All services provided at the Arkansas Workforce Centers are provided at no cost to the customers. 

Q. I just want a job. Do I need to register for services?

Yes and No. Yes, you will have to register in the database to be considered for employment counseling and job matching.

No, if you only desire to do Internet job searches and pursue those leads on your own.

Q. If I am already employed can I still seek work and register for job services?

Yes, you can enter the Workforce Center job assistance system at anytime.

Q. Can I apply for Unemployment Benefits (UI) at the Arkansas Workforce Centers? 

The following Workforce Centers share office space with Arkansas Employment Security Department, now known as the Arkansas Department of Workforce Services. Please contact them for information on hours and services.

Arkansas Workforce Center at Benton, Saline County 501-315-7702
Arkansas Workforce Center at Conway, Faulkner County 501-730-9865
Arkansas Workforce Center at Pine Bluff, Jefferson County 870-575-9797
Arkansas Workforce Center at Monticello, Drew County 870-367-9900

Clients in other areas will need to contact their local AESD office or go online to

Q. Where can I find a listing of other Arkansas Workforce Centers?

By going to the Arkansas State Workforce Investment Board web site and choosing your area. Centers are listed with addresses and phone numbers. The page name and link are: 

Your Local Connection:

Other Workforce Investment Area Web Sites:

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Arkansas Workforce Centers of Eastern Arkansas

Western Arkansas Planning & Development District
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