City of Little Rock Notice of Explanation of Project Located in a 100-Year Floodplain per 44 CFR 9.12 (e)

The City of Little Rock has determined that there is not a practical alternative to locating the proposed FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant Program project for the installation of a modular community safe room at the Ottenheimer Therapeutic Recreation Center (7201 Dahlia) in a floodplain. The improvements must be located in the floodplain because the majority of the Ottenheimer Therapeutic Recreation Center site is within a floodplain. The modular safe room will be installed at least 2 feet above the base flood elevation and to the 500-year event, so will not be subject to flooding during a 100-year (base flood) event.

Alternatives considered: No action. This would mean no safe room would be located at the Ottenheimer Therapeutic Recreation Center and those community members using the site (or otherwise nearby) would have no protection from tornadoes or severe weather.

The proposed project conforms to applicable state and local floodplain protection standards; and will not affect the floodplain.

Further information regarding the implementation and monitoring of the proposed action can be obtained from Matt Burks, City of Little Rock Emergency Management Administrator at 501-569-4131. A map of the area is available at or below.

Ottenheimer FIRM

 By publication of this Notice, the City of Little Rock is inviting any final comments prior to undertaking the proposed action in a flood plain.

All comments must be addressed to Amanda Adaire, Program Manager, Central Arkansas Planning and Development District This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. PO Box 300, Lonoke, AR 72086 or 501-676-2721 no later than June 10, 2018.